Friday, January 21, 2005

House done back to Work! The Olympus Spa

So we completed the renovation of Jeanette's house, and it is stunning. We invited a realtor to come and view both before and after and all she could do is compliment us over and over again - "it is amazing! amazing!, simply amazing! I would certainly recommend you to my clients," she told me,"The colors! Just everything!"

So I returned to work in the software industry the very next week, which is a challenge and a delight!

The job entails working with "Spaces", Microsoft's new blogging software, a subject after my own heart - communication via the Web!

When possible I will add a link to my new blog.

Oh, and by the way, I moved out of the lovely turn of the century house I was renting, the front retaining wall collapsed! So I am staying with friends, camped out on Julie's floor, as she makes plans to move to Algeria for 6 months.

Jeanette took a well-deserved vacation to Baja with Sara, watching whales from a small skiff.

I've been invited home to Alaska to enjoy the summer with two groups of friends - I was teased by Alaskan tourist photographs someone at work has as their screensaver - the color of the light is so unique I could tell right away where it was.

My idea of a vacation is to travel to the largest metropolis I can, Hong Kong is a kick for instance, and so is New York City. I really felt I was on a spiritual high in San Francisco overlooking the city from Twin Peaks for Christmas of 2001, a refreshing change from the completely lonely white man's getto of Silicon Valley at that time.

It doesn't make sense to me to save travel mad money for some distant time in the future when I may be too old to walk around, just touring in long buses peering out from that cool dark microclimate into the real world as if it were a moving tv set. But then I think of the Indian heat and am just glad we all have choices in our potential adventures.

Everyone is talking in thirsty whispers about the Korean-style women only "Olympus Spa" in Tacoma,
8615 S. Tacoma Way Lakewood, WA 98499
Phone: 253-588-3355, 253-582-6625 Fax: 253-588-3367

No swimsuit kinda serious about health place - 3 different temperature of hot tubs and a cool pool with a waterfall, with a massive exfoliate attack - whirlpools, sauna, steam room. Living like a queen sounds really right to me somehow, body scrubs, wraps, honey and cream moisturizing, massage, reflexology, and paraffin treatments for hands and feet. Honey I can take it really I can! I gotta gotta do it, and bring some friends soon.