Friday, August 24, 2007

Never Again - foods...

HDDeGroot from Flickr's "I ate this" group asked us to describe:
"Food you have tried but will never eat again. Like sea urchin or White Castle."

Ok, on a seasonal basis I ate whale sperm for breakfast as a child in Alaska. It was like eating fried cold farinia. It came in long log like shapes, and it's a creamy white color. It arrived wrapped in a brown paper with a matching wide tape- I can't recall but I think it came fresh from the butcher treated as the delicate and rare food it is. We cut it into sections, while we briefly mourned the dead whale, and fried slabs in butter in a big iron skillet. Generally we seasoned it only with salt and pepper.

Since our family is part Scottish, it was just like the old country. Being Cherokee Indian helped too.

We were smart alect three kids and we knew that some day it'd be a great story when eatting any parts of wild animals would be much more rare. One day my sister turned her nose up at sperm for breakfast, but then she saw "Swine Flu" vacine for what it was too, and refused to put that into her body.

For Fur Rondy most years we ate "Eskimo Ice Cream" - it was cold whale blubber with blueberries and other red berries mixed in with white sugar, sometimes it was mixed with snow. I remember the red cheeks of the eskimo kids who would joke with us. They offered it as an act of friendship, served in paper cups with a waxy finish and prepared in bulk by their folks. They knew it was nasty - it was like eating something on a dare. But little did the kids know that we although we were white, we were a 4th generation Alaska family and quite familiar with the delicacies of the bush.

I've eatten most every kind of rare beast from Alaska. But pretty much eating beaver, bear, and wolverine is all gamey and sweet. Moose is dry as heck - I created a recipe I handed down to all my friends called "Mongolian Moosebits". Soaking dry slabs of recently-killed-by-a-man-wearing-only-a-loincloth-and-no-shoes-with-a-knife MOOSE in a terriyaki sauce over night or as long as possible.

Being both Bear and Beaver clan, some times it felt weird eating them so I don't any more. Salmon is a downfall, especially fresh from an Alaskan River.

But the worse was the annual meeting of the two rivers known as Nuchalawoya's soup of moose meat and hair floating around. The soup was cooked outdoors in 55 gallon drums abandoned in rural Alaska. never again. but once, once was ok.(Nuchalawoya - Nu´ cha · la · woy´ · a. At Nuchalawoya the clear waters of the Chena River meet with the the silty gray Tanana River.)

More soon, I gotta get a life.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I feel happy because of Jonathan Harris' art - contemporary artist

Talks Jonathan Harris: The Web's secret stories -

Recursive art - input recursivity for Jonathan Harris to find.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Great Love Has Got You Figured Out

Great love has got you
Great love has your number
Great love has your case on file
Great love knows your name
Great love is no stranger

Great love constantly stands on guard
Great love constantly needs no guard

Great love gives great love
Great love thinks light thoughts
Great love beats heart
Great love hears an echo
Great love smiles and shakes

Great love signs a mystery
Great love hears a symphony

Great love sings a love song
Great love rubs a fat baby's rump
Great love a-scent from the garden flowers
Great love has no excuse
Great love has great love

Great love hummingbirds
Great love butterflys

Great love greets you
Great love like the morning bride
Great love offers great love
Great love minds itself
Great love gives you great love

A rub a dub dub
Great Love, Great Love
Yabba du!

(for Steve Dalos)