Friday, July 15, 2005

New Moon’s Senior ADvisor on Removing Bio-InfoExtremists

Compiled from Several Sources by Wonderlane

Monday, July 15, 2205; Posted: 47:08 post meridian, NMSGST (10:08 NWT)

Hon. Zevre Plutonium Farrahsum, New Moon’s ADvisor, called on peace publishers to flag extremism from their information systems, at a rate accepted by national forums.

STARGATE, Newmoon (CNNBCMS) – NewMoon Lead ADvisor, Hon. Zevre Plutonium Farrahsum, pays peace enforcement groups to launch a systemwide campaign against banned bio- and info-extremist groups, targeting their fundstreams, bioweapons and netmeetings.

This campaign aims to flag all "hate" material from public, private and online markets for auto-deletion and removal by the next revolution. His directive appeared at the announcement of an alleged NewMoon connection in yesterday’s terrorist information bombings in NuLondon and Singarich databanks.

Addressing top education officers from around the system, Farrahsum said the ruling corporate government will not tolerate extremism, nor bio-nilism and will continue to combat bioterrorism "with unflinching force of will maintaining an open civilization where all beings are educated, free and unafraid, because doing so is in the interest of New Moon’s continued astro-social economic progress, and it is agreed to public moral policy” according to his statement released on New Moon’s Public Announcements videosite.

Father of one of the plain humans suspected of being the NuLondon biocide bomber -- Sazhawa Ta’ Weer, 21 std. solar years -- told us via live connection the family is of NewMoon origin, born and raised in the neighborhood of Londinum. Although they are members of one of the non-engineered human religions, the family spokesperson said "We are appalled! The shame of this act! This is our home." and weaping asked the reporters present, "She couldn't really do this, could she? This is why we left Earth."

Announcing the bombings, Farrahsum expressed condolences to the families of the biobombing victims, pledging assistance in the investigation and insisted that New Moon plays a crucial role in the war against bioterror.

He restated the corporate government’s directive not to allow banned militant organizations to resurface under new names in their attempt to gain new sources of fundstreams and webpub sources, as detailed on the illuminated hologram freesite.

Currently, both paid and free blogs, adwriters, software and game publishers and distributors are banned from publishing and distributing hate material, including popups, TVlets and massive mutual play categories, the statement read. All bio-genome science developers were already onboard as of the prior information convention. Robotic categories are not expected to be affected.

Farrahsum emphasized to peace officers that his actions are aimed at the extremist minority harming New Moon’s public and private interests and corrupting the previously unsullied image of bio-diversity, including the mutant categories.

"While some governments can afford to be anti-biology – New Moon is an ideological place as a galactic democracy welcoming hybrids from all compatible biological types. We are a dynamically diverse off-world corpfunded state," he said, “We are not a bio-isolated island.”

"We owe it to future generations to rid our hearts of the malaise of bio and info-extremism," he stated in his public site, “we seek only to fulfill the mission statement of New Moon’s founders.”

For more new scenes from BioInfomatic Diversity see ENGenious

Thursday, July 14, 2005

We are not afraid

Looks like terror bombing London won't work you guys.

It just makes them publish sites like WE ARE NOT AFRAID So hey, opportunistic radicals, get a clue, believing in terror as a political expediant - it will only serve to drive people closer together.

Ya outta quit while you still have a shred of self respect, not to mention any volunteer victims of your misdriven idealism and hatred who blow themselves up! Talk about stupid. Take the time off to get in touch with your inner child.

Cause these folks have and, heck they are not afraid.

CNN reference

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Staying in a beautiful hotel in California

I stayed in the most unique hotel and ate within the most romantic garden. I was treated to a fragrant orange spice tea served by a proper Spanish waiter, who gave me my choice from an old rosewood case, like a humidor for teas. The table was covered with formal yet warm white linens piled on top of each other and underlaid with padding on the table - a comfort for the elbows. A giant dark painting stretched behind the enclosure I sat in, with room for two tables of six people, Victorian floral upholstered seats against the wall.

The painting was decorated by a singing red, blue and gold feathered bird of paradise calling to his mate and a giant fine misted waterfall pouring rather tranquilly over orange brown rocks, worn from the work of it, directly out of a dense jungle. Behind this scene in the painting lay purple and blue misty mountains, surely the Himalayan before modern man, when elephants roamed the earth interbreeding with mastodons. When I say the paint was dark, it was mysterious; really the lighting was soft on it, the fixture being a 1890’s style of frosted yellow glass decorated with dogwood flowers and gaily strung strands of glass yellow beads around the rim hanging down from the ornately turned brass poles at the ceiling.

The sound and sight of the two lively and real waterfalls pouring over larger stones in the central courtyard of the hotel backed up the feeling of the painting, full of vines, ferns, and the moist ancient tropical day. In the pools at the base of the waterfalls, under the live and very green tropical plants swam koi; orange and white, yellow and black, many, maybe twenty the size of salmon. The waterfalls gurgled and sprinkled their tinkling sounds everywhere. The koi splashed occasionally lost within the greenery dipped in the ponds and swirling pools along the footpaths and under bridges inside the courtyard.

There are several levels to the restaurant, a feeling that around each turn you would find yet another unique vista. Now one group of people chatting under a bright lit and ivy covered rotunda, sitting on heavy black iron chairs, with a feather design in the back, yellow table clothes and a pendulum light fixture of thick carved glass and brightly polished holdings, now another cluster of folks, some techies, beneath a painting of the Indian subcontinent.

The dinner was a delight! Cagin’ blackened shrimp piled on a fine thick steak with buttered coated vegetables - tiny red potatoes, sliced red peppers, yellow squash, green broccoli - as if flowers decorating the rim of the plate, all perfection. A gently flickering candle also lit the table, with two fragrant pink carnations in a clear cut round glass vase. A fresh slice of lemon floated in the cold water glass, it glowed rather from being placed in front of the cut diamond shaped glass candleholder.

On the ledge of the enclosure is a huge bouquet of pink and white flowers with willow branches in a very large green ceramic pot about 2 and ½ feet tall and wide. Tulip lamps are placed around the restaurant and courtyard, in all the little crannies. The walls are a burnt orange color nearly the same as the stout polished marble columns of the same color. All the wide wooden trims are painted a cream color, the gazebo wood is painted a pale green with the same cream trim.

The dinner was an excuse for desert -- a burnt cream (cream bulee) – no doubt it is illegal in some countries it is so decadent and so good. I wonder if they use a flame thrower or butane torch to get that correct color and burned texture. And were does the cook keep his matches? Cold on the bottom, warm on top, served over a half-folded white doily with a dollop of fresh whipped cream and sliced strawberry with a fresh upright mint leaf.

Nearby in the bar a guitarist began playing a Californian melody. The 12 story hotel is balconied outside, surrounded with palm trees, and inside, with mother of pearl encased mirrors at the ends of the brick paved passageways, paintings of tigers, and of decorated elephants, with statutes of be-turbaned Orientals in splendid gold robes supporting lamps.

A large long dark mahogany desk and doors with brightly polished brass handles greet the hotel guest, it is very comfortable if not a little confining. Each store in the courtyard has a shaped green and cream cloth awning, with one in particular mirroring the architecture of the whole hotel in miniature and crowned with a fine gold and turquoise blue dome, intricately decorated with inch wide tile.

Fuzzy Logic Set Theory

Thinking about set theory, "Always, never, nearly, sometimes in and out" not that it has to make anything but fuzzy logic sense, but it has applications when thinking about security, and came up with the following:

Number Set Status Name Condition Status
1 Always In Always Out AIAO Considered, logic conflict
2 Always In Last In AILI Set
3 Always In Never Out AINO Set member
4 Always Out First out AOFO Considered rejected
19 Always Out Last Out AOLO Considered, logic conflict
5 First In Always In FIAI Set member
6 First In Always Out FIAO Considered, logic conflict
7 First in First out FIFO stack
8 First in Last out FILO stack
9 First in Never out FINO Set member
10 First Out Never In FONI Considered, rejected
11 Last In Always Out LIAO Closed, logic conflict
12 Last In First Out LIFO stack
13 Last In Last Out LILO stack
14 Last In Never Out LINO Set member
15 Last Out Always In LOAI Considered, logic conflict
16 Last Out Always Out LOAO Rejected, Closed Set
17 Never In First Out NIFO Considered, rejected
18 Never In Never Out NINO Unconsidered, unqualified


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Senators, and political friends in Alaska when I was a kid

When I was a kid the people my family, specifically my Mom and her friends hung out with and supported with her brilliant design and political planning ideas were:

Bob Bartlett (US Senator)
Gene Guess aka Eugene Guess
Ernest Gruening (Governor Alaska Territory)
Wendell Kay

later Nick Begich
and always Yule Kilcher (State Senator)

When I was invited to see Jimmy Carter inaugurated president, it was planned that I spend time with (one term Senator) Mike Gravel's team in Washington D.C. But the city froze up - symbolic of how Carter, as an outsider, was treated by the Washington D.C. insiders, so the old D.C plumbing didn't work and the poor aide was not able to stay in his own place much less have a guest.

So I was directed to Senator Ted Stevens office to ask for a place to stay. The long hallways were made of marble, some of the stairs were completely worn down along the edges, and I was a bit afraid of the old brass elevators. Ted immediately arranged to put me up with an attorney staff member and his family.

Much richer and more formal that than Gravel's aide they were not from Alaska and did not understand this idea of welcoming a young girl on her first trip all alone Outside to the United States when she represented the opposing team. Plus they had a somewhat sick baby. I was appreciative of the nice room they provided me in their large old house in Virginia. (It was funny one night when the bus driver got lost and I was navigating by the moon.)

But I spent some time with Ted, while he worked, read in his office, collected papers, and put them in his briefcase, crossed the streets with him, and though our politic differed enormously I gained real perspective - especially when Mike Gravel was no place to be found, too busy for the youngest member of the Alaskan contingent.

I learned there is something to just being reliable. When I see Ted behind President Bush Sr's inauguration I feel know something about how Ted feels. Most Americans have no idea how a very few Alaska politicians have heavily influenced American politics - way out of proportion to the number of Alaskans there are, but more related to the scale of Alaska's land and resources.

But none the less the time I spend as a child with Gene, Bob, and Wendell taught me something about power, and the silence of it.

Bob was such a refined quiet man, he was a statesman, and did not make a big deal of his own presence. I remember most strongly his heart, it was great - he loved greatly and he loved people. I can say he understood the Eskimos, Indians and Aleuts of Alaska, and had real compassion for them.

We did alot to honor Bob, made some wonderful enormous banners of a traditional Tlingit Haida Thunderbird and two side panels of felt glued on to a backing.

Of course I was a kid so a cut out a few pieces and went to play, but the glue was so strong in the house the adults got what I thought was very funny, and the firemen had to come with a huge vacuum and clear out the room, restoring the fresh air. Even non-political people worked on that project, like Venita Arns, who loved to stitch and sew.

Bob was the forever Senator until his death in 1968 I missed Bob. His wife lived in a fine house north of Fairbanks over looking a wide plain; I felt it when I visited her there with Yonni Fischer. Stevens was appointed to replace Bob, that must be a very interesting footnote to history however that happened.

Gene was sweet and funny, so easy to like, he seemed like a favorite father. I remember his broad smile and slightly cubby cheeks around that smile. He would sit around with us kids and tell us things, light stories of the day, something bright that happened or explain something.

Wendell was like a spy, I felt aware yet comfortable in his presence. The leather seats in his black big time attorney town car felt warm in the winter when he ferried his son and I from one event to another, speaking in grizzly low tones, with a liquid understanding of language that his son Eddie reflected in his visual and sonic poetry he recited to me through walks through our old town Anchorage in the snow and mailed to me from college with a picture wearing his pa's wolf fur parka. Seemed appropriate that Wendell owned a wolf parka, and more that Eddie lifted it.

Ernest was always an old man, balding older man to me and I was not so close to him - he seemed preoccupied with the State's business, a serious person, tall and very white. I believe my grandfather knew him well.

And then there was the forever governor Egan. I though Governor and Egan was his name, like a permanent title. He was very warm and always to remembered to ask me about all the living members of my family although he could recall my grandparents and probably my great grandparents as well. His memory for names and relationships was remarkable and very well known.

The most exceptional political friend I knew and spent more time with as an adult was Yule Kilcher with his stories of world travel, royalty, customs, and encyclopedic knowledge of 47 languages and dialects and his desire to educate me and expose me to other cultures and travel. He wrote me shortly before he died and encouraged me to be happy! I miss him the most perhaps because he was the most challenging person, brilliant among the brilliant; dedicated to human freedom and endeavor.

Now when I read about these men, read their stories, they were written by the parents of my old friends, and frequently they too have passed on. I miss you all.

PS. Yule Kilcher set up this…

putting his 613 acre homestead into a trust for future generations.

He was already discussing this in 1969 with his next door neighbor, an attorney, when I traveled with him down to Homer from Anchorage.

Reporting Junk email, Spam, and Visa

I hate spam - but worse I hate spam which promises to be a panacea for HIV.

In Washington State it is recommended you copy all the information including the header stuff included to the state's Attorney General's Office and complain. Because sending unwanted spam is one thing but lying about the effects of the so-called medicinal product is another.

Here is the Attorney General's Spam contact info:

You can register your email address as one owned by a Washington state resident and thereby under the protection of Washington law. There is some evidence that people listing their email addresses there are subject to more spam then if they did not register.

If you query "Fourteen digit backend test for Visa card ecommerce" you will find a pass number that will allow you to enter a valid useless Visa number so if someone sends you spam email like this, you can spoof an order - that will clog up their system loaded with their fake "cure".

Here is an example email with the header included:

Received: from ( [])
by (8.13.4/8.13.4) with SMTP id j6545dpU028307;
Mon, 4 Jul 2005 21:06:03 -0700
Received: from spoof lifelike ( []) by (6.7.0/9.3.3) with ESMTP id IM71473777 for <>; Tue, 05 Jul 2005 02:01:36 -0300
Content-Class: urn:content-classes:NEWSLETTER
Reply-To: "HIV"
From: "HIV"
Location: glance panel mercuric
Delivery-Notification: No
To: "1drlane" <>
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 00:59:36 -0400
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
X-UIDL: Tp\"!NOa"!8(@!!\(_"!


We have an Alternative to DRUGS & ANTIBIOTICS. A Miracle Protein than can help people with serious diseases

[link removed]

Kills ALL known deadly Viruses & Bacteria in the body that keep diseases, namely: Influenza, SARS, Cancer, HIV etc.

A disease must be made DORMANT to stop infection.
'The ANTIDOTE' is the answer.


For More Information
[link removed]

If you have received this and are not part of the Health Monthly Newsletter
then follow.

[link removed]

[name removed]

You can spam them with a false Visa card entry using their own information for the name and address or any delightful information you should enjoy providing them with. They will be charged for it. You won't.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Nelson Mandela Makes Africans of Entire Norwegian Town of Tromsø

Tromsø's Midnight Sun Brightened by Mandela in Norway

Traveling from a world away, as Tromsø's sharp white modern Arctic Cathedral glistened in the background, 86-year-old Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandela spoke before a concert to raise funds for HIV/ADS

Not widely quoted in the news Nelson Mandela made the entire crowd of more than 15,000 people including members of the Norwegian royal family, Africans when he announced "now you're all Africans."

People from Tromsø can now well claim they are African, regardless if they have never been there, and have white skin, it's just a fact, and they are worthy of all due honor and homage for attending this worthy event.

Being so aged, in a light way, it was Nelson Mandela's way of politely saying - you are all Africans - now it's your problem.

Video of this event provided by the Gates family at

Mahatma Gandhi would be proud.

Place of birth determines right to life? Can I remove the poverty in myself?

Well it's easier to blame the other poor sod. Someone like Sen. Ted Stevens gives his entire life to helping our nation, much of it a lonely time, spent in his office reading through papers, with tons of legalese. It just isn't rock n roll. He isn't just a politician, he's a statesman.

As for me the basic things that I need to change can be done as I achieve goals for myself and others. Maybe it is boring to clean out bathrooms on the Alaska pipeline, or reviewing and stack ranking possible features in software, maybe it isn't rock and roll but it gets us back to the question "Who am I? Where am I going? What am I doing?"

Bob Geldof on grotesque - showing images of starving kids. What does it matter where they are? It matters BECAUSE it is Africa. Geldof is a statesman a tattooed statesman.

"Today, we are here to declare our interdependence," said Smith in the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed. "Today we hold this truth to be self-evident: We are all in this together." Another Statesman... a Musicianstatesman.
"Geldof appeared onstage to introduce Microsoft billionaire and philanthropist Gates, whom the crowd greeted with a rock star’s roar.

“We can do this, and when we do it will be the best thing that humanity has ever done,” Gates said."

What binds us?

Where are our politicians? "Money" sings Pink Floyd

Am I the only one surprised that Musicians are the ones in this world who are raising awareness that so many starve to death on our planet each day? 30,000 people - mostly kids!! How heavy is that. And our politicians worry about who is getting elected.

Money Money Money says Pink Floyd

But maybe that is the point - how many of us want to hear about something as heavy as world hunger from anyone but an entertainer?

Coldplay in London Having Fun!

ABC is playing sections from each Live8 concert. Interesting that these folks look like their missive has actually gotten to their already sensative artistic nature.

Big stages well mic'd, encouraging presentations. I can hardly wait for TV and the Web to intersect, or is that intersex?

Is it possible to end hunger in countries that have little relationship to the rich environments that coastal areas provide - compare in Mexico, Mexico City to Guadalajara.

One by One - Making poverty history!

With a Website titled 1 derlane I just have to blog about the events to save the starving people of Africa now.

If you visit you will find substancial information and links to Technorati's site that discuss leading bands in the world holding several concerts worldwide to request that our world's most powerful leaders stop poverty and make hunger history.

What a statement!!! Make hunger history?

If we can imagine it we can do it. The mere fact that someone is thinking it is possible is amazing to me.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Ah Amazon - Online Theatre - Films!!!
You just got to check this out - Amazon's short films from the Tribeca competition.

OVERUSED CORPORATE TERMINOLOGY as a subject of abuse in Street Therapy,

please someone join with me to get The Toyota Motor Company to cease using :Moving Forward: as the lowest form of corporate motto ever abused by modern man.

Seriously can we all just move backwards? Or sideways or best yet into outer space?

Any way a site worth visiting. Yeah! Amazon - go man go! Check out the tab for other films.

Films that are Wonderlane Approved?

Street Therapy
Misfortune Cookie
The Smartest Person Who Ever Lived

On the emotionally challenging side:
Every 14 Seconds

Traditional Sort Question and Answers

A traditional computer science question to illustrate how someone approaches a software problem is a quick sort for numbers. Here are some traditional algorythms by computer science profs:

This one interactively demonstrates how the sort works step by step