Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Karl Krogstad painting show


Seattle, Washington

The ever prolific and talented Karl Krogstad is back. A legendary independent filmmaker
and renowned painter, Krogstad has a new art show in Ballard. ‘CANCER SCHMANCER’
opens November 12 and runs through December 30 at 5607 20th Avenue NW, Ballard.

Over 100 paintings and other works of art will be on view. Tacoma Weekly Art Critic,
Matt Nagle, describes Krogstad’s art as a synthesis of Picasso, Matisse, and Chagall
with a distinctive twist. “While Krogstad’s works may allude to his influences,” Nagle
writes, “there is a certain modern, hip quality to his paintings that keep them relevant in
the 21st century.”

Krogstad’s hiatus was not of his choosing. Diagnosed with colon cancer last spring,
Krogstad had his own, unanticipated, wild, and crazy ride to recovery. Told to expect 5-
days to recuperate in hospital, Krogstad’s “adventure” turned into 60-days in-and-out of
hospital as complications from healing rose and fell.

Cancer has not squelched Krogstad’s creativity or verve. The doodles and paintings he
generated during the summer demonstrate his active, energetic mind and fighting spirit.
Loyal fans and those unfamiliar with Krogstad’s past work may want to glimpse the array
of bold and lively art on display in Ballard at 5607 20th Ave NW. The show runs November
12 – December 30, 2011 and features artwork from throughout his long and productive

Krogstad may be best known for his avant-garde films. He’s made over 70 films and won
30 awards from international film festivals. In the mid-1980s Krogstad was one of the first
filmmakers to take on crafting, stylish and intriguing music videos for MTV.

Yet painting has always been a close second on Krogstad’s energetic to-do list. Krogstad’s
command of color and composition make his paintings appealing and accessible. Over
the last 10-years Krogstad’s work has shown in local art galleries up and down the West
Coast, attracting legions of fans and those new to his art as well. Tom Robbins calls
Krogstad, “Both a slave to beauty and a lenient master of it, he’s a Picasso-esque ceramicist,
a Euro-juicy painter with a bit of a cult following: an excellent adventurous cook, and a
stand up comic who prefers to sit down.”


‘CANCER SCHMANCER‘ runs November 12 to December 30 at 5607 20th Ave NW, next to
the U-Frame-It in Ballard, one block north of NW Market Street.

Gallery Open: Saturdays Noon – 5PM and Sundays 10AM – 3PM (except Christmas Day)

Open During Ballard Art Walk: November 12 and December 10 5PM – 10PM

Visit Krogstad’s website:

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