Saturday, July 27, 2013

Exorcised little wooden room, pink window curtain, transparent panel, closet, square of light, chairs, Rosie at the door (she won't come in), Seattle, Washington, USA

Laura created a small shrine with a blessed statue in the little box like wooden room – she sat in front of a small portable table and began the clearing and offering prayers to ask the troublesome spirit to roll on, or communicate and get it to recognize that it had other less disturbing options.

Nobody had asked her to perform the ritual with bell and religious scepter, just one day after a series of unfortunate events and bad dreams she asked her peachy faced roommate if anyone was known to practice magic in the house. Yes, sadly she was told, that was why the prior roommates, a gay couple had to move on. Appling for the cozy little room Goths wearing all black clothes moved in and did black magic rituals in the little room, including such delights as peeing on the walls.

The women tried everything to get rid of these unwelcome pests - roommates with their rhythmic midnight chants dutifully doing the devils work. Finally sick of the bad feelings the once happy lesbian couple moved out to their own more organic rhythms – a farm instead. Curiously the new farmers in the dell left behind their white pet rabbit in an enormous gamey smelling cage which dominated the dining room from one full moon to the next.

Among the most recent people to live in the room included a thin dark haired young woman. After a nasty New Year’s Eve party at her boyfriend’s house he moved into her small room without signing a contract or making any agreement. His reason was the scar now tearing his face. The police had also attended that party when his roommate attacked him unprovoked and he ran screaming from the house -- his face decorated with 3 deep bloody gouges in his left cheek. He was a big guy – he was covered with scratches on his neck and chest – his roommate simply went mad and attacked him biting his nose, scratching and tearing through his clothes with her long false fingernails.

The young couple soon moved out due to embarrassment over their own behavior citing the lack of space in the tiny room. The dark haired girl turned on Laura in a similar way – one morning this roommate began hurling insults as they prepared breakfast side by side in the kitchen. Again, for no reason, ugly behavior unprovoked with a strong emotional back, like a manic depressive with villainous language spoken too early in the morning.

A new roommate’s adopted wild breed pit bull attacked the other dogs. Soon the room was again empty.

Laura’s dreams repeated. It began like an itch, like an arthritic ache –bound in the dense dream state – a black and white rotating entity came over the hill. She saw the spinning ball rolled down the hill behind their house. Same dream the turning ball came over the hill towards their rental red house with 3 doors. She awoke drained as if she’d been fighting all night. She was covered in sweat. Ominous, oddly dull, boring – the repeating shape drained her. In the morning she learned about the black practices and set out to remove the looming energy from the house.

This flashback - Laura thought about dealing with forces beyond others experience, such fond memories of former times at the red house, before Sun Hill.

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